Self Directed IRA

Why The AES Self Directed IRA?

We make the process simple for you with our expert advisors and excellent service. Since our inception in 2000 we have seen great growth, broader awareness and acceptance of the self directed IRA and the real estate IRA. We have experienced exceptional growth with in our product specialty, the self-directed IRA LLC and the self directed 401k.

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Because of the intuitive nature of real estate, the real estate IRA has been the investment of choice, and has become the investment target of 70% of all self directed IRA plans. Whether you choose to use your self directed IRA to purchase notes, tax liens, tax deeds, foreign real estate, or further define it as a real estate IRA, the return on investment is there waiting for you to enjoy.

Other Self Directed IRA Benefits

In addition to real estate IRA investing, clients are funding their business ventures, franchises, and restructuring business debts with our self directed 401k product. We’re here to assist you whether you’re considering investing with a general self directed IRA, a real estate IRA, a self-directed IRA LLC, or using our self-directed 401k to fund your next business venture.

Why Asset Exchange Strategies

Our Recognitions
Asset Exchange Strategies is a recognized premier advisory firm for self directed IRA, real estate IRAs and small business financing in the self directed IRA and the self directed 401k markets.
Our advisors are not just sales people, as compared to some self directed IRA facilitators. Because all our self-directed IRA advisors are investors, previous entrepreneurs and previous business owners they can emphasize and clearly understand the needs of each and every client. In addition, our self directed IRA LLC advisors clearly understand the rules for self-directed retirement plans.
Our dedication to service is recognized by three independent financial agencies that have awarded Asset Exchange Strategies customer service and exceptional competency awards. We have never had a complaint through the BBB and our record continues to be at an A+ status. As far as we know no other self-directed facilitator has achieved that milestone.

Why Now With a Self Directed IRA?

Why wait, our Self-directed IRAs provide investors exceptional opportunity to invest in many non-traditional assets such as real estate, tax liens, mortgages and more. Our self directed 401k provides the opportunity to fund or recapitalize a small business or franchise.
Contact us so we can help you navigate the opportunities and identify the differences between each plan; contacting us is a critical milestone to your success as a self directed investor. Let us make the path for you to use your self directed IRA, real estate IRA, or self directed 401k a simple investment tool.
Today is the day for you to begin your success story with your self directed IRA or self-directed 401k!

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