401k C-Corp

When Do I Need a Self Directed 401k C-Corp?

The AES Enterprise™ is a self directed 401k sponsored by a C-Corp. It is designed to help you fund a new business or existing business with retirement funds. This model allows you the CEO of the company to determine if and how much of the corporation should be with 401k dollars.

This model must utilize a C-Corp. structure to maintain compliance for this purpose. No other structure has the ability to issue shares and maintain compliance with the IRS code. For example, retirement funds are prohibited to invest in Sub Chapter S corps even though they offer shares.

What Your Plan Comes With

  • Favorable determination letter from IRS
  • Setup of C-Corp
  • Filing of state articles by AES
  • Filing for Corp EIN with IRS by AES
  • C-Corp bylaws
  • Setup and operating guide
  • Stock certificates
  • Meeting Records (initial and annual)
  • Banking authorizations for checking account
  • Creation of 401k plan documents
  • Filing of 401k EIN
  • Complete set of plan documents with all necessary forms and guides
  • Assistance and guidance in the rollover of current plan to new self directed plan
  • Assistance and guidance in setup of checking account or use our partner bank
  • Unlimited Advisor consulting for plan setup and operation consulting for plan setup and operation

How it Works


Setup Process

  • Create the entity; C-Corp. Our attorneys will create the entity with the appropriate state
  • Create the Plan (Trust with Plan documents). Our attorneys will create the plan and file with the IRS
  • Rollover monies from IRA or 401K to your self directed 401k
  • Setup Checking Accounts for the Company and the Plan
  • Make direct Investments by purchasing membership or stock in a company – your C-Corp or another company

If this type of self directed plan fits your needs please call us, we’re here to be of assistance to you.